About Progress Log

It all started when a cycling buddy of mine showed me an online cycling log to keep track
of the miles he'd ridden. I figured I'd give it a look and logged in but immediatly hated
the interface. Being a web developer professionally, I was a little offended by the horrible
design and awkward usability. After using the site, I kind of forgot about it until 2004 when
I wanted to start tracking my biking miles. I searched around the web looking for a better
cycling log than the one I'd seen before and came to the conclusion that they all were kinda
lame, and there was no reason that I shouldn't just write a lame cycle log for myself.

Once I started coding, I figured that it wouldn't be that much more work to just add a login
feature and offer it up to my riding buddies here in Portland, Oregon. Naturally, that thought
led me to believe that there was no reason that I couldn't offer it up to anyone that might want
to log their cycling miles, so the idea was born.

So if I write a bike log, why not a running log? I've got friends who do Triathlons who might
even want swimming data recorded! I got to work, and Progresslog.com is the result. I hope you
find it stylish, easy to use and most of all practical.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions for features that you'd like to see that would
make Progresslog.com more useful.

Dan Ashcom
Progress Log Creator